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My Background

My life

My Experience

     I found theater through my need to express what was hidden inside myself.

I discovered creativity and theater can have  powerful healing potential and craved to share this experience with others.

      With a background as an actor, director, producer and theater educator, I saw the effects when theater accidentally aided in the healing process. I decided to obtain my masters in drama therapy to study the application of intentional healing.  I was fortunate enough to find a MFT program that combined my two passions.   


      I am a  Licensed MFT with a masters in counseling psychology and drama therapy at CIIS (California Institute of Integral Studies) in San Francisco. I use drama therapy and expressive arts techniques as tools to enhance the healing process.

      Since 2014 I have been working with individual clients and facilitating groups with incarcerated men and women using drama therapy techniques to access emotions, conflict resolution, enhance self-esteem and trust. In these groups, I work with a social justice framework and use their personal stories and/or text to access universal themes and to facilitate personal growth.

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